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StimulusReflex without Redis

The default setup uses Redis for the Rails cache store, the Rails session store, and the ActionCable adapter. This setup variant is battle-tested, and we can promise it will work. However, if you cannot use Redis (or do not want to use Redis), there is a way to run StimulusReflex without Redis, which is purely backed by the PostgreSQL database.

Start with the manual setup, which is described here. Complete the manual setup until we explain how to set up the initializer. This is the part where we want to change things.

First, let's add two new gems to our Gemfile.

gem "active-record-session_store"
gem "solid_cache"

Generate the required database configurations.

bin/rails solid_cache:install:migrations
bin/rails generate active_record:session_migration

Then, run migrations.

bin/rails db:migrate

Afterward, configure your Rails environments to use these gems.

Rails.application.configure do
  # CHANGE the following line; it's :memory_store by default
  config.cache_store = :solid_cache_store
  # ADD the following line; it probably doesn't exist
  config.session_store :active_record_store, key: "_session_development"

You can add this configuration per environment or add it to an initializer.

Adjust the ActionCable configuration to use the PostgreSQL adapter.

  adapter: postgresql

  adapter: postgresql

  adapter: postgresql

Now Rails will happily boot your application, and StimulusReflex will work as well.

rails s

Released under the MIT License.