Build reactive applications with the Rails tooling you already know and love

What is StimulusReflex?

StimulusReflex offers an exciting new way to build modern, reactive, real-time apps with Ruby on Rails. It eliminates the complexity imposed by full-stack frontend frameworks without abandoning a high performance reactive user experience. The goal is to help small teams do big things, faster than ever before. We invite you to explore a fresh alternative to the Single Page App (SPA).

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StimulusReflex v3 has been released, and there are some big changes. Rails 6+ and server-side session storage are now required. See the Setup page for more information.

Why should I use StimulusReflex?

Wouldn't it be great if you could focus on your product instead of the technical noise introduced by modern JavaScript. With StimulusReflex, you'll ship projects faster, with smaller teams and re-discover the joy of programming.


  • Help small teams do big things... faster

  • Increase developer happiness

  • Facilitate simple, concise, and clear code

  • Integrate seamlessly with Ruby on Rails

How we got here

We love Rails. Veterans of the framework remember the feeling of awe and disbelief after seeing David Heinemeier-Hansson's Build a Blog in 15 minutes video. It didn't seem possible that web development could be so easy, productive, and fun. We're talking exponential gains in developer efficiency and happiness. Rails has become so successful that nearly every framework since has borrowed ideas, patterns, and features from it.

The landscape has changed a lot since those early days. Applications are more ambitious now. The pursuit of native UI speeds spawned a new breed of increasingly complex technologies. Modern Single Page Apps have pushed much of the server's responsibilities to the client. Unfortunately this new approach trades a developer experience that was once fun and productive for an alternative of high complexity and only marginal gains.

There must be a better way.

The revolution begins

In his 2018 ElixirConf keynote, Chris McCord (creator of the Phoenix framework for Elixir) introduced LiveView, an alternative to the SPA. His presentation captures the same promise and excitement that Rails had in the early days.

We love Elixir and Phoenix. Elixir hits a sweet spot for people who want Rails-like conventions in a functional language. The community is terrific, but it's still small and comparatively niche.

Also, we just really enjoy using Ruby and Rails.

StimulusReflex was originally inspired by LiveView, but we are charting our own course. We hope to make building modern apps with Rails the most productive and enjoyable option available.

Example apps

You can try a live StimulusReflex powered app right now: